This is an overview of a project curated by Loopify X RTFKT Studios — coming to you today.

I decided to come together with one of my favourite teams (RTFKT Studios) in the space who are consistently doing amazing projects to help curate another ground-breaking drop — the Space Drip Mission.

The artworks are all based around the concept of the Among Drip character created by RTFKT.

What is the Space Drip Mission?

The Space Drip Mission was born around the Among Drip character but we organised 18 artists — to create their own rendition of a custom model. We included a lot of 2D artists…

TUAC. Curated by Loopify. 100 artists.

I released an initiative on the 15th of February which has led us to this moment. I wanted to explore a way in which smaller artists and collectors value one piece in the same way… but different.

This is one of the first big collaborations that I have seen so far and there will be only 1 chance to own this. You are able to support 100 artists by purchasing from this one project. Will it go up in value?

…or is it even valuable? We shall find out on the 3rd of March.

What happens when one of the biggest digital artists in the Crypto Art space collaborates with one of the biggest physical artists in the space?

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On the 17th of December, Pak and TrevorJones released a collection on NiftyGateway consisting of 30 1/1 auctions & 3 open editions.
These 30 auctions were split into 2 parts with 12 auctions linked to physicals.

Pak and TrevorJones…

If ever there was a doubt about the future of NFTs & Crypto Art, it is no more. The success of the recent $3.5M Beeple drop signifies the inevitable evolution of Crypto Art from a niche market to the mainstream.

If you have no idea what NFTs are, check out these articles.
[1] What is an NFT & How do I make money from selling my art as a NFT?
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How to find success in Crypto Art, an opinion by Loop..

Asyncart, MakersPlace, Rarible, SuperRare, KnownOrigin, NiftyGateway…


First of all… read through the whole article or skip to the next subtitle and spend your time taking in this information because this is not a walkthrough to 100% sell your art or make money as a collector in this scene.
If you have no idea what Crypto Art is, check out both of these articles! ~
“What is an NFT & How do I make money from selling my art as a NFT?”
“The Crypto Art World ?”

Finding success in this space isn’t as easy as…

If you are interested in the Crypto Art world but don’t know the basic concept? Read here!

Artists featuring Loopify, Pak, Fewocious, Etiene, Tom, Femzor.

Over the past few weeks, the Crypto Art and NFT space has been blowing up including the big platforms too — Let’s dive deep into questions for future collectors and artists wondering the absurd value that this space has. …

You have stumbled across this article as an artist, graphic designer & you are currently freelancing trying to find a way to live off art you make… Or maybe you are an investor trying to learn about what Crypto Art is as you have seen people talking about it ; seen the recent stats.

Well, however you came up on this article & regardless of who you are — I will explain to you the growing trillion dollar industry of art meeting with the upcoming trillion dollar industry of crypto currency ; how you can get started today!

→ What is an NFT & why is it valuable?



I build projects, write articles & make art.

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