Space Drip Mission | Loopify X RTFKT Studios

2 min readMar 28, 2021

This is an overview of a project curated by Loopify X RTFKT Studios — coming to you today.

I decided to come together with one of my favourite teams (RTFKT Studios) in the space who are consistently doing amazing projects to help curate another ground-breaking drop — the Space Drip Mission.

The artworks are all based around the concept of the Among Drip character created by RTFKT.

What is the Space Drip Mission?

The Space Drip Mission was born around the Among Drip character but we organised 18 artists — to create their own rendition of a custom model. We included a lot of 2D artists and the team over at RTFKT worked endlessly to convert them into 3D animations. All artists will be paid equally!

This isn’t your usual drop. We are going with a loot box model similarly to how CS: GO drops are, we will be releasing a capsule where you have a chance to get any of the 18 skins that are created. You can purchase the Capsule and decide to open it through the site or resell the unopened capsule.

Here are all the artists that are involved in the project:

Ben Mauro
Eric Lefaure
Cory Vanlew
Arno Kiss
Sean Williams

These images below are a showcase of what you can get when you purchase this Capsule:

How can you purchase it?

We are releasing 1,000 Capsules in total, split into batches.

Our first batch will consist of 100 capsules for 0.5ETH each and you can purchase them through our website. Be quick! They will go fast. Information about the next batch will be released after the first one.

The first launch will take place on March 28 at 3 PM PT on this website.