The Crypto Art World ?

Artists featuring Loopify, Pak, Fewocious, Etiene, Tom, Femzor.

Why is the digital version more valued then the physical version?

This question is one of the main things asked by artists especially and collectors too who come from the traditional art space. Why are pixels worth more then the brush strokes on a canvas? To put it simply, its not that it holds more value — but rather, its more accessible especially with the rapid growth of tech in the recent years.

Thread by @CryptoFitch, Owner of Blockparty.

Why do collectors see value in these?

I’m an artist and the past month, I have reinvested my profits into buying Crypto Art from some of my favourite artists. Currently, I like to flip artwork to make more money to buy more art ; this shows instant profit if you invest into the right people — This is not the only reason why people see value in Crypto Art and I spoke to one of the biggest collectors in the scene, WhaleShark, to get his thoughts.

→ Can’t people just download the image without paying?

This has been asked many times especially over the past week & It’s a topic that is associated with ‘stealing’ because that's the main idea of what goes around people who ask this. However, to people who are genuinely wondering — If you have a original edition of a NFT that you have bought, the value of that is that its a NFT ( Non Fungible Token ) and is not the same as others.

Post by DCLBlogger, a NFT Investor.
  • 2. What advice would you give to new, upcoming artists who have never heard of the concept of ‘crypto-art’.



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