The Crypto Art World ?

If you are interested in the Crypto Art world but don’t know the basic concept? Read here!

Artists featuring Loopify, Pak, Fewocious, Etiene, Tom, Femzor.

Why is the digital version more valued then the physical version?

Thread by @CryptoFitch, Owner of Blockparty.

“I collect cryptoart because firstly and fore mostly, I appreciate, enjoy and love art. Collecting digital art allows me to collect beautiful masterpieces without the limitations of physical art like physical space and time based material degradation. From an investment perspective, cryptoart, the application of tokenization (NFT) to digital art, is a needed and natural extension for the commercialization of digital art. My famous two part question that I ask people pertaining to this is:

1. Is digital art worth anything? 2. Is there any other method to prove scarcity and provenance in digital art today?

If the answer is yes to #1 and no to #2, then it is a pure certainty that the application of NFT technology to digital art (cryptoart) is inevitable.

While I know there are many collectors in the market who like me, do not trade on the secondary market and hold the art that they buy, I believe that the majority of collectors are active investors who see an extremely profitable opportunity to invest for the short to medium term. With the cryptoart asset class growing at between 300% to 400% on a quarterly basis, the increasing amount of money in the space is going to draw both long and short term investors.”

→ Can’t people just download the image without paying?

Post by DCLBlogger, a NFT Investor.

“I think Crypto-Art is showing traditional artists there are new ways to support yourself off art. It’s been a joy seeing all my painter friends getting into the NFT space & see this whole new world compared to the traditional space. Before NFTS, my biggest source of income came through selling my original 1/1 painted canvas. Now, it’s 1/1 NFTS! It’s so cool to see everything changing. Crypto art is one of the dopest things I've ever encountered in my LIFE. it’s totally changed my life for sure.

Anyone new to CryptoArt should for sure get to know the community more! It’s the coolest community I’ve been a part of & I’ve learned so much from just hanging out with people. I was super nervous, I thought it would be really serious and spooky. But, it’s the total opposite! I love it. These are the kindest people I’ve ever met. Learn from everyone else doing their thing, and take notes! The same way us artists take inspiration from certain paintings, movies or drawings, try and take note of what some people are doing. I’m learning so much everyday. and it’s beautiful to see the information get passed around from the OGs to newer people & as those people get more experience they share, and the information flows! It’s beautiful.”



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