The Proof of NFTs — $3.5M Beeple Drop.

These are supposed to release today* Monday 14th December

:’) I’m proud to have landed the final with the bid number I put up myself, I really do hope it will be iconic but we shall see.. it’s my biggest wish for crypto to become understood as a liberating technology and I’m unsure people understand yet — but this particular space can be the best way to communicate that.

I just want them to get in the MoMA just like Beeple does haha

“In 10 years, how will this Beeple collection affect other small artists?”

Beeple as a genuine person is very kind and personable and his work ethic is something everyone should look up to. Just day by day commit to a craft you love. He held out for 13 years and gives so much away under creative commons, it’s spectacular and he deserves this.
I surely hope this event reaches widespread media to illustrate the story he lives, and as the paradigm shift may accelerate, more and more opportunity will exist for all artists!

“Scarcity doesn’t exist anymore”

Beeple $MEME Collaboration




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