The Proof of NFTs — $3.5M Beeple Drop.

These are supposed to release today* Monday 14th December

“In 10 years, how will this Beeple collection affect other small artists?”

Beeple as a genuine person is very kind and personable and his work ethic is something everyone should look up to. Just day by day commit to a craft you love. He held out for 13 years and gives so much away under creative commons, it’s spectacular and he deserves this.
I surely hope this event reaches widespread media to illustrate the story he lives, and as the paradigm shift may accelerate, more and more opportunity will exist for all artists!

“Scarcity doesn’t exist anymore”

Over the few days that Beeple has broken records in the Crypto Art world, the argument about Scarcity (check here if you want to understand what this means) still remains relevant.
People argue that Beeple has broken the scarcity rule but here are some words from him —

Beeple $MEME Collaboration

Another secret thing hidden in Beeple’s collection is if his pineapple artworks hit over $69,000 — he would release a collaboration with $MEME in Q1 2021. It hit way over the price as we saw and he tweeted about it, $MEME boosted in price.


The current final statistics for Beeple’s NFT drop is over $3.5M in primary sales with the secondary market over $400,000 & growing.
This is not something that will regularly recur in this space as a whole, however positive effects will relay onto smaller artists. The more news that spreads, the more investors will enter and these investors won’t invest in every small artist… but some will. In a space that has such high returns on investments, you will notice the bigger artists getting even bigger bids — but what happens when the money aspect isn’t all that matters anymore?
When the space is so big these whales right now can’t go for the biggest artists as its out of their budget?
They will find the new artists, collectors grow an artist, artists build collectors — keep creating!



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