The Ultimate Artist Collaboration.

2 min readMar 1, 2021

TUAC. Curated by Loopify. 100 artists.

I released an initiative on the 15th of February which has led us to this moment. I wanted to explore a way in which smaller artists and collectors value one piece in the same way… but different.

This is one of the first big collaborations that I have seen so far and there will be only 1 chance to own this. You are able to support 100 artists by purchasing from this one project. Will it go up in value?

…or is it even valuable? We shall find out on the 3rd of March.

A community project where all the funds are distributed to 100 artists. I reached out to 100 artists with a 10-day deadline featuring 3 genres that they could pick from.

All artists will be credited in the description and more on the NFT side.

Here are the final artworks alongside a custom website to view each individual piece —

A preview image (1000px X 1000px)

The official artwork is 8192px x 8192px, all artworks above are 1000px X 1000px, so you can zoom in to any of them on the website and it will be HD.

This is how the process will go to purchase these artworks:

Edition of 200

We will have one ERC-1155 image of this full grid with all the artworks with an edition size of 200. They will be available on Rarible on Wednesday at 8:00 GMT. There will only be 151 for sale. 49 on pre-orders already.

Pricing will be 0.3 ETH each.

This will go live on Rarible for sale on Wednesday at 8:00 PM GMT, keep an eye on this Twitter.

The final 1/1

The final 1/1 will be a GAN model going through all 100 artworks in video format.

This will be an auction.

The final 1/1 will go on sale the same day and the artwork for that will be released on Twitter too.

Meet you there. Don’t be late. Support 100 artists with one purchase. Also…keep an eye on the artists in the NFT description, I picked a few big names.