Physical + Digital — The $1.5M Collaboration in Crypto Art.

The Collision: Canvas
Auctions lasted from Friday 10:00 AM to Saturday 5:00 PM (ET)

The Collision

Three open editions — Extrusion, Fusion & Sense.

Total of 1005 editions sold

The Collision: Moment

18 1/1 auctions:

Resulting in over $150,718 primary sales

The Collision: Mechanism

6 1/1 auctions, the 3rd drop that comes with a 1/1 physical print per auction.

Comes with physical prints*

The Collision: Canvas

6 1/1 Auctions with the physical paintings:

Comes with all physical paintings*

The final volume for primary sales on The Collision ended with a massive $1,322,700!

The massive recent success and big drops on NiftyGateway have proven to the mainstream news how big NFTs are; how the future for the digital art era is changing.
This collaboration has shown how artists can use Crypto Art in different methods rather then a single sale by selling the canvas.
This was the second drop in Crypto Art that amassed over $1M in sales after the Beeple collection, in the future — we will see massive interest in other artists and $1M sales will become regular.



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