Physical + Digital — The $1.5M Collaboration in Crypto Art.

4 min readDec 21, 2020


What happens when one of the biggest digital artists in the Crypto Art space collaborates with one of the biggest physical artists in the space?

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On the 17th of December, Pak and TrevorJones released a collection on NiftyGateway consisting of 30 1/1 auctions & 3 open editions.
These 30 auctions were split into 2 parts with 12 auctions linked to physicals.

Pak and TrevorJones were both ranked the 2nd and 3rd biggest artists before this drop with individual sales of $40K+ on different platforms.
I talked with Pak before their collection on NiftyGateway dropped and here is his thoughts on the collaboration -

“We’re at the opposite sides of the creation palette, with Trevor.

I’m as digital as I can be, and he’s as physical as he can be with the process of creation.

So this was also a very interesting challenge — to keep ourselves but create something together.”

The Collision: Canvas
Auctions lasted from Friday 10:00 AM to Saturday 5:00 PM (ET)

This collaboration was one collection split into 4 parts — The Collision, The Collision: Moment, The Collision: Canvas, The Collision: Canvas & The Collision: Mechanism.

The Collision

Three open editions — Extrusion, Fusion & Sense.

All open editions were available for 6 minutes with Extrusion and Fusion on sale for $500 and Sense available for $5,000.

Total of 1005 editions sold

In 6 minutes, as shown above, a total of $898,500!
Available for viewing here —

The Collision: Moment

18 1/1 auctions:

Artist’s Dilemma, Marturos, Open Your Eyes, Many Forbidden Kisses, Eye of the Vault, Forced Tales, Song of Jealousy, The Things I See, Death of a Poet, Eye for an Eye, Stay Here, City of Indra, Open Your Mind, Nazar, Pop Split, One of Them, Perspectivum & I Am Drugs

Resulting in over $150,718 primary sales

(The Work is the Auction)
These 1/1 auctions ended up with over $150,000 in primary sales without physicals!
Available for viewing here —

The Collision: Mechanism

6 1/1 auctions, the 3rd drop that comes with a 1/1 physical print per auction.

Mother earth, Disintegration, Untitled, Destruction, The Shape of a Colour & POP POP POP.

Comes with physical prints*

Total volume for this resulted in $162,433!
Available for viewing here —

The Collision: Canvas

6 1/1 Auctions with the physical paintings:

The Icon, The Firebrand, The Dreamer, The Modernist, The Influencer & The Innovator.

Comes with all physical paintings*

This was the last part of the collection drop, all artworks came with the physical canvases & the digital version displayed all 6 parts of the creation of the artwork.
Available for viewing here —

The final volume for primary sales on The Collision ended with a massive $1,322,700!

The massive recent success and big drops on NiftyGateway have proven to the mainstream news how big NFTs are; how the future for the digital art era is changing.
This collaboration has shown how artists can use Crypto Art in different methods rather then a single sale by selling the canvas.
This was the second drop in Crypto Art that amassed over $1M in sales after the Beeple collection, in the future — we will see massive interest in other artists and $1M sales will become regular.

I hope you read this article to the bottom and it inspired you how big this space is, Crypto Art will KEEP growing.

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